Which Statement is True About Marketing Intermediaries?

Floyd Wisozk
May 5, 2024
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Think of marketing intermediaries as the connectors of the business world, like the friend who always seems to know someone who can fix your plumbing leak or get you backstage passes (even if their connections sometimes get a little...questionable). Let's debunk some myths and reveal why these middlemen (and women) might be just the key to boosting your marketing success.

So, What Exactly IS a Marketing Intermediary?

These are the companies or individuals that bridge the gap between businesses that make products and those end consumers who eagerly await those products.  Types of intermediaries include:

  • Wholesalers: They buy in bulk from manufacturers and sell to retailers. Think Costco, but for smaller businesses.
  • Retailers: Your neighborhood stores or online giants like Amazon – they sell directly to consumers.
  • Agents and brokers: These matchmakers facilitate deals between buyers and sellers, earning a commission for their matchmaking skills.
  • Distribution channels: This includes transportation companies, warehouses... basically, anyone involved in getting the product from Point A to Point B.

Okay, But Why Should I Care?

Here's where it gets interesting – intermediaries can offer serious benefits:

  • Reach: They tap into existing networks, getting your product in front of more eyeballs, especially in new markets.
  • Efficiency: Specialization is their superpower! They nail down logistics, sales processes, and all that less glamorous but vital stuff.
  • Knowledge: Local markets, regulations, customer trends... they have the inside scoop that can save you major headaches.
  • Cost Savings: Wait, spending money to save money? Using intermediaries can be cheaper than doing it all yourself, especially when scaling up.
  • Focus: They handle the sales and distribution side, so you can obsess over making even better products.

The "Sounds Amazing, Where's the Catch?" Moment

Like any good relationship, it's not perfect:

  • Loss of Some Control: You're outsourcing important tasks, so clear communication and trust are essential.
  • Added Costs: They gotta get paid too, so factor their cut into your pricing strategy.
  • Finding the Right Fit: Bad intermediaries are worse than no intermediaries. Do your homework before signing contracts.

True or False? Test Your Intermediary IQ

Let's have some fun while solidifying the knowledge:

  • "Using intermediaries ALWAYS increases costs."
    • False! Smart ones save money through efficiency and bulk discounts.
  • "Intermediaries are only for giant corporations."
    • False! Small businesses can benefit hugely, especially when expanding into new territories or niches.
  • "Once I find a great intermediary, my marketing problems are solved."
    • False! It's a partnership. You still need solid branding, product quality, and a healthy dose of hustle.

Should I Partner Up or Go It Alone?

Here are a few things to ponder:

  • Your Stage of Growth: Startups might DIY to save cash, while expanding businesses may need intermediaries for scale.
  • Your Industry: Some industries rely heavily on intermediaries, others far less so. Do your market research!
  • Your Budget: Can you afford their fees, and more importantly, does the potential ROI make sense?
  • Your Personality: Are you a control freak who'll micromanage? Outsourcing success takes a certain mindset shift.

Intermediaries as Marketing Superpowers (When Done Right)

Choosing the right intermediary is like finding a sidekick with the missing skills to round out your own. They can accelerate your growth trajectory with their network, expertise, and ability to focus on the sales and distribution side of the equation. Think of them as an extension of your team, invested in your mutual success.


While intermediaries rock at getting your product to customers, nothing beats a website that seamlessly seals the deal. That's where we come in! Our expertise in building stunning, high-converting eCommerce websites can turbocharge your online store. Interested? Let's chat! A free consultation might just be the start of a beautiful (and profitable) partnership.

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