Your Friend is Developing a Marketing Plan for Their New Business. What Should They Put in this Plan?

Floyd Wisozk
April 21, 2024
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So, your friend has a brilliant business idea and the entrepreneurial fire burning in their eyes. That's fantastic! But wait, before they start posting random Instagram selfies with #entrepreneurlife, they need a solid marketing plan. Otherwise, all that hustle might end up sounding like crickets on a quiet night.

What's A Marketing Plan, Anyway?

Think of a marketing plan as your friend's roadmap to reaching their dream customers. A good one will spare them the disastrous detours and wrong-way turns that plague so many new businesses. Here's what it should include:

Know Your Target Audience (No, It's Not Everyone)

  • Who are they?: Get way more specific than "people with money." Age, location hobbies - these details are marketing gold.
  • Where do they hang out?: Online forums? Pinterest? Knowing their digital haunts is key.
  • What makes them tick?: What problems does your friend's product solve? What keeps their target audience awake at night?

Define the Brand Personality

  • Is it quirky and fun or serious and sleek?: This impacts everything from social media tone to website design.
  • What's the story?: People connect with stories, not just products. What's the compelling narrative behind your friend's business?
  • Consistency is key: Think of brand personality like your own. Sudden, drastic changes are confusing!

Choose Your Weapons (AKA Marketing Channels)

  • Social Media: Pick platforms where the target audience lives, not just the trendiest ones. Less can be more here.
  • Email Marketing: It's not dead, but do it right! Offer value, not constant sales pitches.
  • Content Marketing: Helpful blogs, videos, etc., build trust and authority. Remember, Google is everyone's friend.
  • Maybe (just maybe) some old-school tactics: Local partnerships or flyers can work for certain businesses.

Set Goals and a Budget

  • What does success look like?: More sales? Growing an email list? Get specific with numbers and deadlines.
  • It takes money to make money: How much can your friend realistically invest in marketing efforts?
  • Track everything: Marketing isn't about guesswork. Analytics tell you what works and what's a waste of time.

Be Ready to Pivot

The best marketing plans are flexible. Tell your friend to:

  • Review their plan regularly: Are goals being met? If not, why? Time to re-strategize!
  • Test and learn: Trying new things is scary, but essential. A/B testing shows what resonates.
  • Don't chase every shiny trend: "TikTok for plumbers" might work, but does it make sense for their business?

A Little Shameless Self-Promo (Because We're Awesome)

Speaking of shiny things that actually work - a well-designed eCommerce website is crucial for turning those marketing efforts into actual sales! If your friend needs help in that arena, that's where we come in. Our eCommerce website building services are focused on transforming online stores into conversion machines. Let's chat!

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